Labouchere Roulette Betting System

The Labouchere system – also known as a cancellation system or Split Martingale – is an interesting roulette system that has many proponents in gambling circles. Like other betting systems, you can’t expect to come out ahead in the long run by using the Labouchere. However, it definitely can make playing roulette a lot more fun, especially if you have a very specific amount of money you’d like to win.

How the Labouchere System Works

In this roulette system, it’s important to first determine just how much money you’d like to win during your current session. You’ll also need a piece of paper and a pen or pencil, as you’ll be keeping track of your bets while you’re playing.

In order to start using the Labouchere system, you’ll first need to write down a list of numbers that adds up to the total you’d like to win during this session. For instance, let’s say that you would like to win $100 while playing today. You might write down the following numbers:

10 10 10 20 20 10 10 10

You can use any amount of numbers you prefer, and the order is not important; the only important part is that your numbers add up to the amount you would like to win.

Now you’re ready to hit the tables. In the Labouchere system, you’ll be making even money bets, such as betting on red or black. For your first bet, add the first and last numbers in your line together in order to get your betting amount.

In our example, the first number is 10, and the last number is 10. This means that our first bet will be $20.

If you win your bet, you cross off both the first and last numbers on your list. In our example, our line would now look like this:

10 10 20 20 10 10

Once against, we’d have to make a $20 bet (10 + 10 = 20). This time, however, let’s find out what happens if we lose that bet. If we lose, we take the total amount we lost on that bet and write it in at the end of the line. We lost $20, so our new line looks like this:

10 10 20 20 10 10 20

Our next bet would now be $30 (10 + 20).

The goal of the Labouchere system is to cross out the entire line. If you accomplish this, you’ll find that you’ve won the amount of money you originally set out to win, thus completing the system.

Advantages and Disadvantages to the Labouchere System

One huge benefit to the Labouchere System is that it is often successful in meeting its goals. Since you’ll be crossing two numbers off the list when you win, but only adding one number when you lose, winning just over one-third of the time is enough to eventually finish your line and win your target amount.

In roulette, you’ll win even money bets just under 50% of the time, making these bets perfect for the Labouchere system. As long as you keep making bets until the line is completed, the math says you’ll eventually finish the sequence and make your money.

However, the Labouchere system can quickly become expensive, especially when you lose consecutive bets. This can cause an obvious problem for you: the system may ask you to make a bet that’s larger than the table limit (or larger than your remaining bankroll).

In this situation, you can get around the problem by breaking up a large number into several smaller numbers. However, this will also slightly increase the percentage of bets you’ll need to win in order to reach your target winnings.

Who Should Use the Labouchere System

The Labouchere is perfect for players who know exactly how much they want to win, and are willing to stop once they reach that amount. While you’ll sometimes lose large amounts when things go very badly for you, you’ll often finish your sequence and be able to take home exactly as much money as you planned to win.