Martingale System

If there is one betting system that every roulette player has tried at one time in their life, it’s the Martingale. It’s simple, easy to follow and usually results in a win – three things that any roulette player can appreciate. This “doubling” system is one many players have come up with on their own, even without knowing it had a name!

How the Martingale System Works

One of the great benefits of the Martingale is its simplicity. To start using the Martingale, make a bet on any even money bet at the roulette table (for instance, odd/even). This bet should be small; a good way to begin is by betting the table minimum. For our article, we’ll use the example of a $5 bet.

If you win your first bet, nothing changes; you’ll just collect your winnings and make another $5 bet. If you lose, on the other hand, you’ll double your bet to $10.

If you continue losing, you’ll continue doubling your bets. Lose the $10 bet, and you’ll bet $20 on the next spin; lose that one, and you’ll bet $40, and so on. Once you win a bet, however, you’ll collect your winnings and start over at the $5 level.

The end result is that after each series of bets, you’ll come out ahead by your initial bet amount – in this case, $5. For instance, if you lose the $5, $10, $20 and $40 bets, you’ll have lost $75 in total. However, your next bet will be for $80; win that one, and you once again come out $5 ahead.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Martingale System

The biggest advantage to the Martingale System is the fact that you’ll almost always end up coming out ahead. In fact, if you put yourself in a position where you’d have to lose seven bets before you’d hit the table limit, you’d end up making that small profit more than 99% of the time. That’s a level of success most gamblers can only dream of.

Of course, there is a downside: on rare occasions, you will hit a long losing streak and get to a point where you will no longer be able to double your bets (either because you will run into the table limit, or because you don’t have the money to continue betting). This means that you’ll occasionally suffer some very big losses.

As with all roulette systems, the Martingale won’t eliminate the house edge or change the odds of you hitting the winning numbers when you play. That said, it’s a great way to make sure you’ll usually come out on top – if not with enormous profits.

Who Should Use the Martingale System

If your goal is to win as many sessions as possible, the Martingale can be a great tool. Since you’ll almost always win a small amount, you’ll end most of your casino trips with a nice little profit.

Sure, you’ll occasionally hit a long losing streak and lose a lot of money, but that will happen pretty infrequently. If you’re willing to accept the risk of a huge loss, the Martingale can be a fun way to consistently book small wins at the casino.

On the other hand, players who are scared off by the potential for huge losses have a number of other roulette systems they can choose from. If you like the idea of usually coming out a winner, but don’t enjoy the rapidly doubling bets in the Martingale, you might want to try the Labouchere system instead.

If you’d rather try a system that usually results in small losses, but occasionally allows you to win very big prizes, take a look at the Paroli system.