Online Roulette Systems

Gambling information online is stuffed with more spam and false advertising than just about any other niche. When you want to find honest information online about any topic related to gambling, you know you’re going to have to do some serious digging. For whatever reason, though there are plenty of good sites providing high-quality gambling advice, finding out about online roulette systems or any other gambling-related topic means trudging through a lot of garbage first.

For evidence of this, check out how many awful Youtube videos pop up on any search for roulette systems. These jokers claim to have video evidence of the value of their roulette system posted on Youtube. The obvious question is “Why would anyone with a can’t-lose roulette system post it on Youtube for everyone to see?” Unfortunately, plenty of people don’t ask these questions before believing what they read about online roulette systems.

Popular Online Roulette Systems


Here are five things to remember about online roulette systems. These roulette tips will help you avoid the pitfalls of roulette system theories and help you enjoy the game of roulette without filling your head full of all kinds of nonsense about beating the casino’s advantage.

1.      Most of what you read is inaccurate.

Remember that a big portion of the gambling content you find online is going to be inaccurate. It may be out of date (try reading an online casino review and then compare the details to the actual casino’s website, for example) or just incorrect. Gambling content is a huge niche for online content writers, many of whom have no idea what they’re talking about. In other words, take any and all gambling advice you read online with a giant grain of salt until you verify it from a trustworthy source or until you test out the material for yourself and find it to be true.

2.      Anyone asking for money is ripping you off.

I should clarify that to say that “anyone asking for money in exchange for gambling systems” is ripping you off. Not all online vendors are trying to steal from you, just the ones who say they have a system for beating roulette and all they need from you is $9.95. Free material about online roulette systems is easy to find, so don’t pay for anyone’s advice about gambling systems involving roulette.

3.      No roulette system can actually overcome the casino’s edge.

Keep this fact in the back of your mind: no roulette system has yet been invented that will actually affect the outcome of the game of roulette. Now, learning about roulette systems is perfectly fine. There is a value to using online roulette systems, just not the value that the acolytes of roulette systems want you to think. Learning about roulette betting systems online is innocent fun as long as you remember that betting systems don’t actually work.

4.      Roulette (like all casino gambling) is supposed to be fun.

Keeping this in mind will save you lots of time and money spent chasing an impossible dream. If an online roulette system existed that would make anyone who used it automatically rich, wouldn’t we have heard about it by now? Roulette, like all games in the casino, is meant for entertainment, and if you play just for the fun of the game itself, it can be very entertaining. Even the 5.26% edge the house holds on most American-style roulette bets isn’t all that bad. A couple of hours of betting $100 an hour at the roulette table means you stand to lose $10 or so, which makes for a cheap night of fun. Don’t get caught up in winning all the time. Sip a couple of free drinks and enjoy the casino atmosphere.

5.      Roulette systems have some value—but not necessarily what you think.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Using roulette systems can keep you interested in the game and make roulette more fun for you, even though they don’t actually help you win more. People use roulette systems to help manage their bankroll and keep them in the game, not always because they’re convinced that these systems will turn them into millionaires.

Finding trustworthy sources of gambling advice and strategy tips takes a little extra effort, but the rewards are more than worth it. When looking up information about online roulette systems, remember that the majority of what you read just isn’t true, and withhold judgment until you verify the information from another source or through your own experiences.