Oscar’s Grind Roulette System

The origin of this wagering system, used for table games of all types and originally invented for craps, is Las Vegas in the 1950s. You can assume from the name that a guy named Oscar must have invented the betting system, though it didn’t become widely known until a journalist named Allan Wilson wrote about the system in the 1960s during a story about this colorful character he met in Vegas. The guy’s name? Oscar, of course, and the betting system Oscar bragged about reportedly gave him enough success that he turned a profit every time he used it. Since this wagering system was Oscar’s day job, it’s been called Oscar’s Grind ever since.

How Does Oscar’s Grind Work?

Sometimes called 1-2-3-4, Oscar’s Grind is a betting strategy similar to any other system of altering your wagers based on a game’s outcome. If you’ve read much about betting systems, you already understand the basics of Oscar’s Grind without even knowing it.

Oscar’s Grind, like any roulette system or betting system, will not turn you into an overnight gambling sensation. No roulette betting system can overcome the built-in house advantage, even though systems like Oscar’s Grind may look good on the surface. Before we get into the ins and outs of Oscar’s betting system, please remember that it doesn’t work. If your goal is to win more often at roulette, you’re better off looking for a single zero game with surrender or ‘en prison’ rules than trying the endless iterations of betting systems that promise big winnings.

Oscar’s Grind works best on even-money bets in roulette. Like other betting systems, Oscar’s Grind is based on series of bets called “sequences.” Each series of bets is called a sequence, and Oscar’s Grind has strict rules about what the player is supposed to do during each sequence. The idea behind Oscar’s Grind is to end every sequence with a single unit of profit. Each time you profit one unit, the sequence ends and you can start over again or walk out with your profits in hand. Sounds elegant, right?

Oscar’s Grind Sequences

To start off using Oscar’s Grind, you place a single bet on any even-money wager on the roulette betting surface. If your bet wins, there is no sequence, and you start over again. Oscar’s Grind only gets going good when you lose for the first time—that’s when you place the same bet and hope for the best. Continue to place this same bet until you win. When you do finally win, your next bet is increased by one unit. This sequence continues until you gain a net profit of one unit. Then you can start the sequence over again or cash out and head home.

Here’s how the Grind works at a real roulette table: you place a $10 bet on red, and the bet loses. Since the bet is a loss, you place the same bet again. You repeat this process until you come up with a win, at which point you double you bet to $20. Your goal is to profit a single unit of $10, so as soon as you reach that point, your Grind sequence resets and you start back over with a single unit bet on an even-money wagering space.

Oscar’s Grind is very conservative compared to many other betting systems, but it won’t actually help you beat the casino. No amount of altering your wagers or reacting to a spin of the roulette wheel will change the house edge.

Is there value in Oscar’s Grind? There’s value in it if it helps you enjoy the game of roulette. Since Oscar’s Grind never asks you to make dangerously big bets, and since it could actually be used as a way to control your bankroll, there’s nothing wrong with playing roulette using the Oscar’s Grind betting strategy. Just don’t think it will help you overcome the casino’s edge. That’s the point at which roulette betting systems get people in trouble.

Roulette is supposed to be for entertainment, and if using a system like Oscar’s Grind makes the game of roulette more fun for you, use it all you want. Don’t fall for the sloppy math behind betting systems, and if you find yourself growing frustrated because Oscar’s Grind isn’t turning you a profit, push away from the table and go do something else. Casinos are supposed to be fun. Don’t let Oscar’s Grind or any other betting system steal that fun away from you.