Paroli Roulette Betting System

Many people who use the Martingale system enjoy the idea of progressive betting, but find that it quickly becomes a lot less fun when the bets get large and they’re banking on a win just to avoid a catastrophic loss.

The Paroli system is designed to allow you to use progressive betting, but do it in a way that’s likely to take away much of the stress. In fact, the Paroli is really just a reverse Martingale – instead of trading lots of small wins for the occasional big loss, you’ll try to win big, even if that means you’ll usually lose some small bets.

How the Paroli System Works

As we said above, the Paroli system is essentially a Martingale in reverse. Instead of doubling your bet after every loss, you’ll be doubling down after every win.

When you begin using the Paroli, you’ll want to decide on two things: how large your initial bet will be, and how many bets you’ll want to win in a row before collecting your winnings. As with most roulette betting systems, you’ll be making even money bets with this system, like odd/even.

For our example, we’ll start with a $10 bet, and say we’ll lock in our winnings if we win three bets in a row. Should you lose your first bet, that’s okay; just start again with another $10 bet on the next spin.

If you win your bet, however, you’ll want to take your winnings and add them to your initial bet – in other words, you’ll double that bet to $20. Win that $20 bet, and you’ll want to bet $40 on the next spin.

If you win the $40 bet, you’ll now have $80 in front of you. However, since we’ve reached our limit of three consecutive wins, it’s time to take that $80 off the table and enjoy our $70 in profit. Now it’s time to start again from the $10 level.

Similarly, if you lose any bet at any point in the sequence, it’s time to go back down to the $10 level and start again.

Advantages and Disadvantages to the Paroli System

The biggest advantage to the Paroli system is that it does a great job of limiting your exposure to big losses. No matter where in a sequence you ultimately lose, you’ll only be down by a single bet. Again, this is the opposite of the Martingale system, where no matter when you win, you’ll always end up ahead by one bet.

Many players will also find this style of betting much easier from a psychological perspective. If you win a couple bets in a row and have the opportunity to win big on the next spin, that’s a lot of fun; your potential loss is small, while your potential win is large. Hoping to win your money back with a big win when using the Martingale can be extremely stressful – something the Paroli avoids.

On the other hand, the Paroli does lend itself to long losing streaks. You will end the majority of your betting sequences by losing, meaning you’ll lose one bet again and again. While this will mostly be offset by large wins, this can be frustrating for many players.

Who Should Use the Paroli System

The Paroli system is perfect for any player who enjoys winning big without putting a lot of money at risk. Sure, you’ll usually lose a small amount of money, but you’ll never need to worry about risking your entire bankroll on one spin. Your losing streaks will never cost you much, but a winning streak can earn you a lot of money very quickly.

If you’d rather use a system that wins more consistently (though for smaller amounts, and with the risk of the occasional large loss), we’d recommend checkout out the Martingale system instead.